Pittsburgh Police vs. G20 Protesters

In the spring of 2000, we took our kids to Washington DC. One evening, we came upon a group of 20-30 Cuban Americans demonstrating in front of the White House. They were protesting President Clinton’s decision to send Elian Gonzalez back to Cuba. They carried signs and sang and chanted, “Don’t send Elian back.” A policeman on a bike watched from nearby, but it was a peaceful protest and he appeared unconcerned.

As a parent of school-aged kids, I seized on this teachable moment like a bird dog chasing a rabbit. I spent one day behind the Berlin Wall, but it was enough for me to understand the value of free speech. “This is free speech!” I nearly shouted. “You can’t do this everywhere in the world. This is freedom.” It didn’t even matter to me that they thought Mom had fallen off her rocker. This mattered, and I wanted them to observe it and understand.

Contrast that with this video of some protesters in Pittsburgh last Friday:

I’m not familiar with what was going on at the G20 or what the protesters were protesting. What strikes me is the appearance of the Pittsburgh police marching toward them in lockstep and threatening force if they don’t cease and desist.

I wonder: will my kids raise their children in a country as free as the one they grew up in?

One Comment on “Pittsburgh Police vs. G20 Protesters

  1. Warped depraved minds in perfect harmony. 🙂 I recently posted this vid on my FB page. Ask Slug about the protest. For more info go to either http://www.g20.org/about_what_is_g20.aspx or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G-20_major_economies.

    “The Group of Twenty (G-20) Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors was established in 1999 to bring together systemically important industrialized and developing economies to discuss key issues in the global economy. The inaugural meeting of the G-20 took place in Berlin, on December 15-16, 1999, hosted by German and Canadian finance ministers.”

    This group has not been viewed in the kindest regards by many free spirits and libertarians.

    Whether for or against the g20, gives the police no freedom to violate our constitutional rights. In my view, this is a symptom of a very sick society. Hopefully we will demonstrate the collective resolve to oppose this type of oppression. Thanks for getting the word out.



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