Oprah, Sarah Palin, and the Rest of US

Today I’m thankful for a society that values free speech and respect for dissenting opinions. Yesterday I watched the Oprah interview with Sarah Palin, and I couldn’t help but note the beauty and power of what America offers and values.

Here were two women who campaigned on opposing teams a year ago and presumably still maintain the same political views, sitting together having a chat that was not only civil, but warm. At times, especially toward the end, I got the impression that Oprah was trying to “figure out” Sarah Palin. Like she was baffled by her: Who is this woman?

I am continually struck by the visceral reaction people have to her. David Horowitz says politics is war by other means. In America, we value people and human lives, therefore we discuss and debate issues rather than divide and conquer the people on the other side of the issue.

And while that is true with Sarah Palin – nobody’s pulled out a gun and shot her – there has been an incredibly visceral reaction against her by many. I read this morning that eleven reporters were assigned by AP to fact-check her book when it came out. Okay, that’s fair, I thought, but then I also read that none were assigned to fact-check Barack Obama’s books when they came out. I couldn’t help but wonder, Why not? AP can do whatever they choose, but why the double standard?

It seems no one is neutral when it comes to Sarah Palin. People who don’t know her personally either love her or hate her. I have my theory about why, but Id like to hear what other people think.

Why do you think this singular woman has such an effect on people? Why do you think she has had such an effect on America?

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2 Comments on “Oprah, Sarah Palin, and the Rest of US

  1. I’m game:
    My experience is that it does not matter if this woman is educated, likable, a Christian or any other admirable trait you can think of. She is hated because she is a Republican; A Christian Conservative. Those who I know personally detest her for her “Lies”, for “using her disabled child as a prop”, for claiming to be a Christian without accepting all things from all people, and my personal favorite: for being UN-“enlightened”. This is simply regurgitation of the same old-tired rhetoric posted on other liberal’s walls or blogs. It is copied & pasted time & time & time again… She is everything Hillary is, BUT at the opposite end of the spectrum. Tell me what modern woman wouldn’t want her as a role model?


    • I think she’s awesome. I saw a blurb today that said Sarah Palin was polling within %1 of Obama. Have you seen Michelle Bachmann, Representative from MN, I think. Another cook chick!


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