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Monthly Archives: December 2009

“One wonders whether there is any terminus now to gay demands or any possibility of sober discussion of the various issues surrounding the gay-rights movement,” began an article in National Review. The year was 1986, and New York City had just enacted legislation protecting gays from discrimination. One year later, Larry Kramer formed ACT UP, the Aids Coalition To Unleash Power, which made national news by disrupting mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral…. Read More

Arts and entrepreneurship. Few of us think of artists as entrepreneurs or of economic capitalism as art-friendly. Jeffrey Tucker, who hints that he just might be a bit of an art snob, (“Dancing to me means ballet. Popular fiction I find insulting in every way. Kids, in my view, should spend their time mastering piano rather than gaming on computers.”) says that may be a false dichotomy. To illustrate his point, Tucker… Read More

Last night the Senate passed its version of Obamacare on a straight party-line vote. I’m soliciting input from supporters, specifically, on the issue of abortion as health care. This bill is clearly abortion-positive. Tony Perkins, writing for the Family Research Council and calling this bill the “Nightmare Before Christmas,” points out that it may provide as much as $10 billion in funding for abortion industry leader Planned Parenthood (whom I call “Planned… Read More

  Background: Paul Zachary Myers was born March 9th 1957, the oldest of six children in a working class family. PZ (named after his father, Myers opted for PZ over “Little Paul”) says if anyone had asked him about his religious beliefs at age twelve, he would have identified himself as a committed Christian. “We were Lake Wobegon Lutherans,” he remembers. But by his mid-teens he’d decided, “I just don’t believe a… Read More

Early in 2009, the International Year of Darwin got underway in Shrewsbury, England, the birthplace of Charles Darwin. As part of the celebration marking both Darwin’s 200th birthday and the 150th anniversary of the publication of his seminal work, On the Origin of Species, a sculpture was unveiled in Shrewsbury’s Mardol Quay Gardens. Nearly forty feet high, sixty feet long, and weighing over 200 tons, the structure, named Quantum Leap, resembles a… Read More

What is the meaning of life? If you watch “The Big Bang Theory” you could be forgiven for concluding that the meaning of life is sex. Take Howard Wolowitz, the skirt-chasing, 27 year-old Jewish engineer who lives with his overbearing mother. Wolowitz once tried to use the Internet, military satellites, and robot aircraft to find a house full of gorgeous young models “so I could drop in on them unexpected.” On another… Read More