Obamacare and Abortion

Last night the Senate passed its version of Obamacare on a straight party-line vote. I’m soliciting input from supporters, specifically, on the issue of abortion as health care.

This bill is clearly abortion-positive. Tony Perkins, writing for the Family Research Council and calling this bill the “Nightmare Before Christmas,” points out that it may provide as much as $10 billion in funding for abortion industry leader Planned Parenthood (whom I call “Planned Pillage”). And it’s not just the pro-life advocates pointing this out. Kathleen Sebelius praises this bill and says it ensures that everyone will pay for abortion–no matter how the funds are divided up.

But most of America doesn’t identify itself as pro-abortion. Perkins refers to a poll showing that Americans disapprove, by a 3-to-1 margin, of using public funds to pay for abortion. I know very few people who go so far as to say that abortion is a good thing. Most hold a view that goes like this, “Abortion is not good, but should continue to be legal.”

Here is where I’m genuinely wondering where Obamacare supporters stand:

  1. In your personal view, is abortion health care?
  2. Are you personally okay with your tax dollars being allocated to pay for abortions?
  3. Do you personally have a problem with your elected leaders passing abortion-positive legislation?

Most people I know who support legalized abortion aren’t murderous people. I’m asking you to help me understand how you reconcile kindness, compassion, and caring for the health of others with this legislation, which amounts to involving all of us in wholesale barbarism.

One more question: If the life of the unborn is, for all practical purposes, expendable, why do you believe (or do you believe?) that your life will be held in any higher esteem once it becomes useless to those in power?

One different question, for those of you who grieve over abortion the way I do: At what point would you consider civil disobedience? Go to jail if necessary rather than share complicity in slaughter of innocents? What do you think God would have us do?

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