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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Last night my 11-year old daughter Sally asked me if I’d like to watch “Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking” with her. How could a mom refuse that invitation? So we cozied up in our jammies and tuned in. It was a great show, and highly educational. But not in the way you might think. The subject of this, the first installment of a series on the Discovery Channel hosted by Hawking,… Read More

When Phil Mickelson won the Masters last weekend, his wife Amy was at the 18th hole waiting to share the moment. When Mickelson came off the green, there was Amy, wearing, in the words of one commentator, “a smile bigger than her sunglasses.” They hugged, both of them in tears, for a very long time. Ahhh … the thrill of victory. Yes, victory is thrilling, but there’s a story behind this story… Read More

Surveillance: NCSE – The National Center for Science Education Background: In the early 1970’s, a high school textbook, Biology: An Inquiry Into the Nature of Life, written by teacher Stanley Weinberg, was submitted for adoption in Texas, a vanguard state for textbook publishers as its purchasing power influences decisions for much of the country. Weinberg’s book, which strongly emphasized evolution, encountered opposition but was ultimately accepted. A few years later, the Institute… Read More

Sex and the iWorld: Rethinking Relationship beyond an Age of Individualism by Dale S. Kuehne Reviewed by: Terrell Clemmons For most of Western history, Kuehne says, questions of identity were of little concern. People were born into a matrix of relationships – family, village, tribe, – each of which incurred mutual obligations and responsibilities, and the context of which largely established one’s identity. This world, founded upon ancient philosophy and revealed religion,… Read More