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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Dr. Rev. Wallis, Last week, a reader posted the entire text of your opinion piece, How Christian is Tea Party Libertarianism? to my blog. I read it, and I must confess, I’m a little confused. Maybe you can clear up a few things for me. I understand you are the founder and editor of Sojourners magazine, a member of President Obama’s faith council, a tireless champion of his political agenda, and a… Read More

Dear Les, You say to me, this: “You never comment on my wall postings (where you know that others who disagree with you might see it). You only make comments on your own wall (where almost everyone agrees with you). Try testing your ideas in an audience with more diverse points of view. You might learn something.” I take it you’re asking me why I don’t often respond to your facebook postings…. Read More

Is there any use for Numbers and Leviticus? The question came up last weekend. I’d just mentioned the great value of reading through the entire Bible, front to back, because it takes you through lesser-trod sections. “You mean even Numbers?” said Mark, like he was testing me. “Yes, Numbers,” I said. After all, Numbers has that hysterical passage where the donkey sees what the blind **ahem** “clergyman” doesn’t. Then he even speaks… Read More

Raquel Welch made a surprising (for her) statement last week. Jerry Janquart excerpted this little gem she wrote in It’s Sex O’clock in America: “Seriously, folks, if an aging sex symbol like me starts waving the red flag of caution over how low moral standards have plummeted, you know it’s gotta be pretty bad. In fact, it’s precisely because of the sexy image I’ve had that it’s important for me to speak… Read More

I stumbled onto this and this yesterday. Apparently there are more than 50,000 documents from the former Soviet Union available for translation and publication. They appear to be legitimate. But they don’t flatter Mikhail Gorbachev. For example: ” … the documents cast Gorbachev in a far darker light than the one in which he is generally regarded. In one document, he laughs with the Politburo about the USSR’s downing of Korean Airlines… Read More