Communism: Never Mind?

I stumbled onto this and this yesterday. Apparently there are more than 50,000 documents from the former Soviet Union available for translation and publication.

They appear to be legitimate. But they don’t flatter Mikhail Gorbachev. For example:

” … the documents cast Gorbachev in a far darker light than the one in which he is generally regarded. In one document, he laughs with the Politburo about the USSR’s downing of Korean Airlines flight 007 in 1983—a crime that was not only monstrous but brought the world very near to nuclear Armageddon.”

So far, no mainstream media outlet or publication seems interested.

Why do you think they’re being largely ignored?

6 Comments on “Communism: Never Mind?

  1. I have a friend, Mr. Smith. He was the former driver for the late General Patton during world war II. Some of the stories he tells of how evil the Russian were even to their own people, that he saw with his own eyes is amazing. Yet today the fashionable thing to say from our politicians is to apologize to China for human rights violations for Arizona State Law.. Oh how far we have come and how far we have fallen from our principles and morals….I can’t think of another country, especially China who would even entertain illegal immigration, yet we must apologize? For what? Why isn’t China apologizing for sending us lead based children toys? Why isn’t China apologizing for human rights violations and stopping protest during the Olympics fiasco?


  2. The West has painted a rosy picture of Gorbachev as something of a champion for freedom. But communists hate him for losing the Cold War and collapsing the USSR. Glasnost and perestroika appear to have been last ditch efforts to save the totalitarian state. Quite a different picture we have here in the West.


  3. Cassandra, that does make sense.

    Stephan, that is very interesting about Mr. Smith. If he has ever kept a journal or written about his experiences, I would love to read it. Please point him this way. I’d love to hear from him.


  4. Terrell, I have been making this point for two years now and with the Obama admin, anyone with eyes to see can see it happening, that we are in the throngs of a covert neo socialism. It is still undeclared but some are getting more open about it. It usually takes the shape of leftist postmodernism. In the Netherlands we just had a Marx Festival, and some are now openly singing his praises, talk of “false consciousnesses” and all. Younger people have no idea what this is about, and it’s often packaged as “love for all” and “saving the planet”. No steel, blood and revolutions this time, but love, polar bears and pomoism. It is largely nameless and undeclared. It’s like a fog enveloping the world.


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