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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Dear Les, This is my second open letter to you in this forum. The first one was in response to your question about why I don’t respond to your postings on your Facebook wall. This one is about your responses on mine. I have said in the past that you are free to comment, but that has changed. From now on, I request that you to adhere to ground rules. I will… Read More

Mike Adams is one of the funniest writers I know. Last week he told his facebook friends, “I’m tired of sexism. I’m opening a Dude-fil-A.” Okay, some of his jokes are silly. Some of them will make you groan. But even when he cracks a joke, at least in this case, there’s a something worth paying attention to. I want to apply this Dude-fil-A wisecrack to a movement afoot concerning Chick-fil-A. It… Read More