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Monthly Archives: March 2012

“Nancy Pelosi is Italian,” Rev C.L. Bryant observes, “and Rick Santorum is Italian. But yet, Nancy doesn’t attack Rick as a bad Italian for being a Republican. And Rick does not attack Nancy for being a bad Italian for being a Democrat.” Of course they don’t, the astute observer notes. Nancy Pelosi and Rick Santorum operate out of opposing political views, and attacks and counterattacks usually have some basis in those conflicting… Read More

“Don’t be surprised to find out that there are atheists and agnostics in your midst,” Ted said to me, after railing against the evils of organized religion. I got the impression he expected some kind of visible reaction from me. But I wasn’t surprised. He’d already said he was a humanist. The two kind of go together. Besides, I’m not horrified over atheists. I took the bait. You wanna discuss atheism, Ted?… Read More

Andrew Breitbart spoke with far-too-rare humility about his ideological conversions. When he graduated from college and had to start working for a living, he began to reevaluate every idea he’d absorbed. As he explained, “In college, if you pay attention, they turn you into a nihilist. I resented it once I discovered what it was. It was cultural Marxism. … Once I discovered that, I wanted to learn everything about the world… Read More

In April 1945, as British and American soldiers liberated Nazi concentration camps, civilized people around the world gasped in horror at the images coming out of Germany. Newsreel footage showed catatonic, living skeletons, many of them all-but-dead in various stages of disease, dehydration, and starvation. Bergen-Belsen alone, liberated on April 15, held 60,000 living men, women, and children, with another 20,000 lying dead in the open, unburied. By the end of April,… Read More

David Berkowitz: From ‘Son of Sam,’ to ‘Son of Hope’ On August 10th, 1977, after the largest manhunt in New York City history, New York City police captured the infamous serial killer known as ‘Son of Sam,’ who, for more than a year had terrorized both their city and the nation. Referring to himself as the ‘Duke of Death’ and the ‘Wicked King Wicker,’ he had set more than 2000 fires, shot… Read More

I am stunned and sad today to hear of the loss of Andrew Breitbart. I interviewed Andrew last year. As it turned out, our interview, which had been scheduled weeks in advance, took place during the very week that he broke the Anthony Weiner Twittered sex pictures story. It was Andrew who coined the term “Weinergate.” Andrew was also sick that week, occasionally breaking into a hacking cough mid-sentence. Even so, in… Read More