Right Angles

I’ve made a few changes to this little outpost. First, as you may have already noticed, it has a new name. When I first created this site, it was partly on a whim. I often did get random questions, some of them pointed and sharply worded, and the idea of creating a place for people to throw them suggested a dartboard.

But I’ve decided now to give it a little more organization, or, more specifically, an organizing theme. So, welcome to ‘Right Angles.’

The idea that there is a ‘right angle’ on everything is predicated on belief in absolute truth. It’s not that I’m claiming to have the right angle on everything, but I do believe that there is one and that open discussions of the different views – angles – can bring it to light. John Stuart Mill said truth always profits from its collision with falsehood. I agree, and this is designed to be a place to bear that out.

I’ve also changed the icon that goes with it to a little character attempting to redirect an arrow upwards. Everything on here is also predicated on the belief that there is a God, that he is the source of all life, truth, and understanding, and that we absolutely have to look both outside ourselves and upwards to him if we’re ever going to get the right angle on a subject.

“If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies.” ~ Author unknown

It’s spring. It’s a good time to look up and welcome a little change.

Glad to have you along.

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