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Originally posted on Beyond the Fog:
It saddens me deeply that we Christians have fallen so head-over-heels into the deceptions surrounding gay marriage.  We seem to draw our opinions from facebook and Twitter and the on-line and on-air media.  (A dwindling minority actually reads printed news.)  What we don’t seem to do, is draw our opinions from this book. So let me say as succinctly as I can what my views are…

In 1946, S. Truett Cathy, took out a small loan and opened a restaurant in Hapeville, GA. The humble establishment had four tables and ten counter seats. Cathy named it, aptly, the Dwarf Grill. Full of optimism and ambition, if not experience, Cathy experimented with different ways to make flavorful chicken in short order, and his business steadily grew by serving up quality food in a friendly atmosphere – it wasn’t uncommon… Read More

My dearest Katherine, Soon you will start high school. Already your classmates are pairing up into short-lived boyfriend-girlfriend couplets, even as their parents split and re-couple with others, marriage vows be damned. You are perceptive enough to see that your friends’ relational pursuits don’t serve them well, but often collapse into black holes consuming waves of emotional energy better spent elsewhere. You have also seen how their parents’ breakups have inflicted immeasurable… Read More

On December 10th, 2008, Bernard Lawrence (“Bernie”) Madoff turned himself in to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Having chosen the time and date of his surrender, Madoff told two senior SEC officials that he was “finished,” that he had “absolutely nothing,” that “it’s all just one big lie,” and that it was “basically, a giant Ponzi scheme.” The following day, the SEC issued a statement: “The senior employees understood him… Read More

Collateral Damage: From Jean-Jacques Rousseau to Human Roadkill in Two Easy Steps Late on the afternoon of October 13th, 2011, as shoppers milled about a local market in Foshan, Guangdong province in southern China, a lone toddler strayed into the narrow street. Then, in a scene more horrifying than anything Hollywood could stage, a white van approached, struck the child, paused as if the driver knew he’d hit something, then lurched forward,… Read More