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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Surveillance: The National Education Association Background: In 1857, the National Teachers Association (NTA) organized in Philadelphia with forty-three members. In 1870, it absorbed three smaller associations of educators and became the National Education Association (NEA). In 1867, the NTA had successfully lobbied Congress to establish a federal Department of Education, but the agency was soon demoted to a minor bureau in the Department of the Interior. Public schools continued to be the… Read More

The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform On a couple of sunny fall days last September, in the very week hundreds of pseudo-courageous ‘occupiers’ were gearing up to protest a mishmash of ill-defined quasi-injustices having something to do with banking, a small cadre of genuinely courageous young people placed their convictions and reputations on the line to expose a real injustice having to do with life and death. The Students Choosing Life (SCL) of… Read More

Lloyd Marcus fondly recalls a familiar scene from his youth. His father, a hard-working pastor, firefighter, and father of five, would on occasion drive him to a posh neighborhood and point to large homes with stately grounds. “If you get a good education and work hard,” he would say, “this could be yours.” Decades later, it is clear that the author, singer/songwriter, and prominent Black Conservative leader has adopted his father’s work… Read More

Chelsea was home alone, minding her own business one afternoon, when she heard the family dogs barking in the back yard. They barked from time to time – that wasn’t unusual, but this time they were snarling. Something was up. She emerged from her upstairs bedroom to hear strange voices coming from downstairs. A third-year college student home on break, Chelsea had learned a thing or two about gathering her wits and… Read More