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Monthly Archives: September 2012

It was a bright and cold December morning and I was up to my elbows in bread dough when my doorbell rang. The dog barked at full volume, and my preschool daughter zipped past me as I brushed the flour from my hands and followed her to the door. There waited a tall, professionally dressed, blond young woman, smiling confidently as if she were arriving for a job interview. She offered me… Read More

Pastor, Patriot A Conversation with C. L. Bryant C.L. Bryant is a descendent of Choctaw Indian and American slave. He lives in Grand Cane, Louisiana, on a 64-acre parcel of land he inherited from his great-grandfather, an emancipated slave. Formerly a pastor and self-professed “Democratic Radical” who “would have thrown any conservative under the bus,” C.L. served as an NAACP chapter president until a conflict between NAACP politics and his Christian faith… Read More

God is great – always doing a new thing.