Doonby: Every Nobody is Somebody

Doonby Film Promo PhotoJust who is Sam Doonby? That’s the question everyone in the honky-tonk town of Smithville wants to know after a good-looking but mysterious “Golden Boy” hops off a bus and takes up residence in the one-horse town 40 miles east of Austin, Texas.

A wandering poet-philosopher, Sam Doonby does good wherever he goes, but he also seems to attract trouble like still water attracts mosquitoes. Most people like him at first, but before long, the local equilibrium is strained. Without any intention of doing so, Sam Doonby stirs pots, upsets apple carts, and occasionally digs up a dark deed which the doer thought was long buried. The townsfolk of, shall we say, disrepute – women and men – are thrown off kilter. Before long, something’s got to give, but what does give packs a power punch that will surely take you by surprise.

Doonby has been in the works for a long time. Born in the mind of British writer/director Peter Mackenzie more than seventeen years ago, production officially got underway after Mackenzie took his script to veteran film producer Mark Joseph in 2009. It’s full of intrigue, action, and suspense. One reviewer called it a psychological thriller.

“Marketing Doonby has been challenging in the sense that it is, at its core, a mystery,” said Mike Mackenzie, Peter’s son, who joined the production team as co-producer. “With that in mind, we have to be careful what we give away and what we hold back, but we know from the screenings that we have done that and our audience is going to be there when it hits theaters.”

I’m not going to give away what happens, either. But I will tell you this: like its lead character, the film is not easily categorized. It’s neither pro-life nor pro-choice, neither political nor religious. It’s just a story, set in a town, and lived out by people, people whose lives matter because every nobody is somebody.

DoonbySmithville Water TowerAnd while it’s not family-unfriendly, a lot of the action takes place in a bar and mature themes are probed, so consider it appropriate for adolescent and older viewers. Release date in theaters is set for November 1st, 2013.

And do consider it. See it, talk about it, and ponder it deeply. Good things come from good thinking, and Doonby will make you think.


Click here to contribute to the Doonby crowd-funding campaign through October 10th. Every $10 buys you one virtual raffle ticket to win an autographed guitar from John Schneider. See more offers and prizes here.

$10 gets you one “virtual” raffle ticket
$10 gets you one “virtual” raffle ticket

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