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Monthly Archives: December 2014

The Sexual Ruin and Redemption of David Kyle Foster David Foster grew up in Easton, MD, the third of four sons born to a stern, legalistic Presbyterian preacher whom he came to view as “the enforcer.” Dejected, he began early on to live as if he were both fatherless and Godless, making up his own rules for living as he went along. Conflicts with his parents, run-ins with a playground bully, and… Read More

I want to let you know that Salvo has a promotion going through the end of the month (12/31/14), and it makes for a prime opportunity to subscribe. While you’re at it, consider ordering a gift subscription for a thoughtful friend or prospective college student. $19.99 gets you a year’s subscription plus a copy of the bonus issue on Science & Faith. You will find content on science, sex, and society that… Read More