Figuring Out Fifty Shades

Fifty Shades - CuriousIn the wake of this article – Desperately Disconnected, 50 Shades of Grey and the Longings of the Female Heart – in the current Salvo, it’s been my privilege and pleasure to elaborate on this whole Fifty Shades phenomenon (and it is a phenomenon) on radio and with Lauren Green on her Spirited Debate series at

It seems to me that one of the biggest questions men are asking is, What is the appeal here? Why are so many women enthralled with Fifty Shades of Grey, to the tune of more than 100 million books sold and now this much-ballyhooed blockbuster movie?

And the other oft-asked question is, How should we react to it? What do we say to people who are weighing the decision to see or not to see it? (In fact, it appears from this very telling collection of observations – Even the co-stars of the movie think 50 Shades of Grey is awful (and maybe even a bit like Hitler) – even the two actors playing the lead roles don’t know what to make of it and aren’t so comfortable with what they have done.)

These are good questions, and I have a lot of thoughts, which you may see unfold in future posts on here. For now, here are three radio interviews that address some of those questions:

Each is around 10-12 minutes long.

And here’s the interview I did via Skype with Lauren Green: Does ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Affirm Biblical Message?

I was kind of reluctant to post these, especially the video (going “on-camera” that way is way out of my realm of experience), but I’ve received some grateful responses saying it was helpful, either in helping someone figure out how to think about this thing or helping them be prepared to respond to someone else who’s maybe not sure what to make of it.

And stay tuned … I’ll have more to say tomorrow about an excellent alternative Valentine’s Day entertainment choice…

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