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Pastor, Patriot A Conversation with C. L. Bryant C.L. Bryant is a descendent of Choctaw Indian and American slave. He lives in Grand Cane, Louisiana, on a 64-acre parcel of land he inherited from his great-grandfather, an emancipated slave. Formerly a pastor and self-professed “Democratic Radical” who “would have thrown any conservative under the bus,” C.L. served as an NAACP chapter president until a conflict between NAACP politics and his Christian faith… Read More

Lloyd Marcus fondly recalls a familiar scene from his youth. His father, a hard-working pastor, firefighter, and father of five, would on occasion drive him to a posh neighborhood and point to large homes with stately grounds. “If you get a good education and work hard,” he would say, “this could be yours.” Decades later, it is clear that the author, singer/songwriter, and prominent Black Conservative leader has adopted his father’s work… Read More

“Nancy Pelosi is Italian,” Rev C.L. Bryant observes, “and Rick Santorum is Italian. But yet, Nancy doesn’t attack Rick as a bad Italian for being a Republican. And Rick does not attack Nancy for being a bad Italian for being a Democrat.” Of course they don’t, the astute observer notes. Nancy Pelosi and Rick Santorum operate out of opposing political views, and attacks and counterattacks usually have some basis in those conflicting… Read More