Right Angles


“Two players. Two sides. One is light. One is dark.” The quote comes from Lost, but it’s a perfect epitaph for The Sunset Limited, a stage play by Cormac McCarthy, and now also an HBO film. The Sunset Limited has only two characters, named simply “Black” and “White.” Early on it becomes apparent that Black had been on his way to work, waiting on the platform at the train station, when White… Read More

New Year’s Eve, 1993. I was sitting up late.  Alone. In pain. Not physical pain, but the emotional pain that erupts when your life changes without your consent. I held my cross necklace in front of me. It had been a Christmas gift, and I couldn’t have picked a prettier piece of jewelry if I’d chosen it myself. As I languished over the prospect of the next chapter of my life,  I… Read More