Right Angles


I’m still reading Leviticus. I mentioned how I got started in Leviticus here. Now I’m up to chapter twenty-three. At this point Israel has left Egypt, essentially as escaped slaves. They had little national identity and no communal traditions or seasonal holidays. In chapter twenty-three, God instructs Moses about the various annual feasts, sacrifices, and religious observations to be instituted for them. Most of them are still observed by Jews today. This… Read More

Is there any use for Numbers and Leviticus? The question came up last weekend. I’d just mentioned the great value of reading through the entire Bible, front to back, because it takes you through lesser-trod sections. “You mean even Numbers?” said Mark, like he was testing me. “Yes, Numbers,” I said. After all, Numbers has that hysterical passage where the donkey sees what the blind **ahem** “clergyman” doesn’t. Then he even speaks… Read More